Review. Rewrite. Reboot Your Life.

How to do less of the stuff that makes you feel like rubbish
and more of the stuff that makes you feel great.
A game-changing workbook.

This is no ordinary workbook. It's a self guided course, but in a book. We prefer the tactile nature of a book because we know that most people are spending way too much time online.

This book will help you to design a life that YOU want. It covers all aspects of your life - work, sex, relationships, health, career, finances - everything.

Reboot also makes for the perfect gift for someone in need of a bit of a pick-me-up! 

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Who is this workbook for?

  • Feeling bored?
  • Sucked of energy or sometimes unhappy?
  • Feeling a bit stuck at home, at work, in relationships?
  • Know something in your life needs to change, but you can't quite put your finger on what?
Then this workbook is for you.

This book will help you design a life that YOU want. Here's how it works...

The Reboot Workbook covers all aspects of your life - work, sex, relationships, health, career, finances - everything.

Included are 6 chapters full of creative and practical exercises that you can complete in your own time. There is no set length of time to complete this - our advice is to not speed through it - take your time.

By the end you will know yourself better. You'll be able to to make decisions about what to keep in your life and what to ditch. You'll have more focus, clarity and a plan of how you start and stay on track.


This book was created with a lot of love and attention by Kim Palmer, founder of Clementine app, alongside the expert support of Leah Larwood.

Kim Palmer is the founder of Clementine.

Many moons ago she went on a transformational journey to reinvent her life – except she didn’t really know that’s what she was doing.

Over the course of a few years she undertook personal coaching, read a shed load of books and did some deep thinking about what she wanted her life to feel like. Most of what you see in this book are exercises she undertook to pivot her career from climbing the corporate ladder to starting Clementine. They literally changed her entire life.

Leah Larwoord Founder of The Moon Lab.

Leah Larwood is a hypnotherapist and workshop facilitator specialising in dream work and writing for wellbeing. She’s also a poet and a freelance writer for wellbeing magazines.

However, once upon a time, she was an Associate Director of a PR firm in Soho. After an Eat, Pray, Love moment, and a year retreating around South East Asia and India, her life did a 180. These days, people and communication are still her business but instead of promoting global brands, she helps individuals tap into their potential.